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Title: [Carlists alongside Perula ride towards the Villarón valley]
Publisher: Miguel Seguí - Editor, Barcelona
Description: Author of the book: Francisco Pi y Margall (posthumous work) and Francisco Pi y Arsuaga. Illustrated by J. Passos, J. Cuchy and V. Gine. Autographed. "Fearing they would be captured, they quickly made their way to the bridge at Artaza. From there, as they feared being trapped in the Améscoa they got over the Zudaire pass and went deeper into Alava. Without stopping they passed through Villarreal and Ochandiano, and utterly exhausted, reached Villaron"
Physical description: 1 12 x 14 cm engraving on a 26 x 18 cm page
Issue Date: 1902
Publication: Museo Zumalakarregi Museoa
Appears in Collections:Prints XIX century album

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