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Title: [Second lieutenant Julio Romero Marcheut, with bullet and bayonet wounds, defends himself against the Carlists]
Publisher: Miguel Seguí - Editor, Barcelona
Description: Author of the book: Francisco Pi y Margall (posthumous work) and Francisco Pi y Arsuaga. Illustrated by J. Passos, J. Cuchy and V. Gine. Autographed. "...the young 2nd lieutenant, Julio Romero Marcheut..., found himself alone, hounded & surrounded by a large number of Carlists, defended himself to the death. [...] Mortally wounded by a gunshot, he collapsed...not without first killing 2 of his opponents..."
Physical description: 1 10 x 13 cm engraving on a 26 x 18 cm page
Issue Date: 1902
Publication: Museo Zumalakarregi Museoa
Appears in Collections:Prints XIX century album

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