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Title: Army of the North - Sketches of the expedition led by General Quesada to Villareal, on the last few days in October: Urbina, and bridge over the Urquiola
Publisher: Imprenta de T. Fortanet, Madrid
Description: 8th of November 1875 edition. Editor and owner of the publication, Abelardo de Cárlos. Sketch submitted by Ricardo Becerro. Plate No. 8. "This is the village of Urbina, with a bridge over the river Urquiola, which is where the grenades reach that the Carlists hurl from the peak of Chuliando"
Physical description: 1 10 x 11 cm engraving on a 41 x 28 cm page
Issue Date: 1875
Publication: Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea
Appears in Collections:Prints XIX century album

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