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Title: Carlist War in Spain - Embarkation of disabled Carlists on board the "Somorrostro", chartered by the English society for aiding the Spanish sick and wounded
Description: See engraving inspired by this, signed by T.P. y Manchón dated 1876 included in "Anales de la Guerra Civil:[Annals of the Civil war] (Spain from 1868 to 1876): Volume II available in the Zumalakarregi museum collection. The battle of Somorrostro took place on the 25th of February 1874 and was an important Carlist victory. 19th of September, Saturday, 1874 edition
Physical description: 1 30 x 22 cm engraving on a 39 x 29 cm page
Issue Date: 1874
Publication: Museo Zumalakarregi Museoa
Appears in Collections:Prints XIX century album

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